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Why Us?

Our team delivers quality services of the highest standard and brings passion into every little task they carry out.




Great construction requires more than just the ability to do the job. It needs a working relationship with the client based on sincerity, open communication and mutual respect. These are our building blocks for success at ERK CONSTRUCTION 


Building work on your home can be a stressful experience if these values aren’t maintained. An extension or basement conversion can turn into a nightmare if the builder doesn’t follow them and chooses to do what’s best for him. There are numerous stories of “cowboy builders” chasing the money and ignoring the client.

A great builder will always put the client first, helping to achieve a high quality performance while meeting their needs in the most cost effective way.

Here at ERK Construction we have the both the experience and expertise needed to successfully undertake a range of construction work. From extensions, conversions and structural alterations to roof repairs and traditional new builds, we have it covered.


We have built a solid reputation by delivering a quality end product, safely, on time and within budget.  



We provide any and all services you could need or want from a London builder. From loft and basement conversions, new home builds or commercial builds and even renovations of your current homes, kitchens and bathrooms. Not only do we do this in a professional and efficient manner, but we make sure all work we do is professional, elegant, stylish and suits your needs and requirements.

Home Extensions

There are a number of ways in which you can increase the size of your property, but none offer quite the level of scope that you get with an extension in London. Dependent on the amount of land that you have at your disposal, an extension presents you with the capability to increase your home substantially, making it into a living space that befits your exact specifications…

Painting & Decorating

When we paint your home, we understand your requirements and demands – and use our painting and decorating expertise to find the best solution for your space. Therefore, whether you want to add an accent wall or paint your entire home, we are happy to help. With a wealth of experience, we ensure your commercial decorating works are finished to a high standard and kept free from unnecessary delays.

Loft Conversion

If you want to add extra living space, increase the value of your home, we offer loft conversions that are of the highest quality in terms of design, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Our work will not only give you additional space but will enhance both your property and your lifestyle.

Wood Flooring

We provide laminate and solid wood flooring, both hard and soft, in a style that will complement the design of your home. Our team will help you select the best option for your needs and install your chosen design to our guaranteed high standards. We can also provide a new finish to your existing floor so that you can enjoy that fresh feel every time you walk through the door. Your home will have a sparkling new look and will give you great pleasure as you entertain family and friends.

Kitchen & Bathroom

The kitchen or bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house, and to have a dysfunctional kitchen or bathroom or no kitchen at all can be more than inconvenient! Fitting is a process and there is fine art and detail at every step. This is because quite simply there is so much to plan and think about.We take pride in ensuring our kitchens look great, and it’s all down to the thorough effort we put into.

Bespoke Wardrobes

Create Your Dream Bedroom with Our Fitted Wardrobes. Have you ever looked at the space in your room thinking that it could be modified into something spectacular? By working together with our designers, we can create something unique that truly represents your own personal style. No matter how unique and creative your idea is, we will work with you to fully achieve your goal.



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